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About the PCA

The PCA is a collector-run nonprofit organization, serving all interested in the history, collecting, and use of fountain pens and other writing instruments.

The PCA's origins date back to 1984, when Dr. Robert Tefft organized the first gathering of Southern California pen collectors at his home. Before long the group, now known as the Southern California Pen Collectors Club, was meeting at a member's home every two months, and before much longer, there was a newsletter and a reference library of old ads, catalogs, repair manuals, and other pen-related material. The SCPCC did not actively promote itself, but as it grew, membership applications came in from across the country. To defray the cost of printing and mailing the newsletter, nominal dues were adopted as membership approached 100.

By 1991 membership had truly gone national, even international, and so the SCPCC changed its name to Pen Collectors of America -- the PCA. The club newsletter, by now growing into a magazine, was named The Pennant. The Reference Library continued to expand, offering members the opportunity to order photocopies of thousands of pages of rare and otherwise inaccessible reference material. Eventually the entire holdings of the Library were digitized by PCA volunteers and made available through the PCA's website. These efforts continue to this day, as new documents are constantly being scanned and uploaded. In recent years, the PCA's preservation mission has extended to archiving copies of pen-related websites and online forums, too many of which have already been irretrievably lost.

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