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The Pen Collectors of America is proud to offer writing instruments for sale to its members and the general public, the result of a generous donation to PCA from long time California collector Donald Nankervis.   Mr. Nankervis made the donation to PCA on the condition that any sales proceeds  be used for programs and general activities at the discretion of the PCA.


Out of an initial batch of nearly 200 pens, pencils and paraphernalia items Mr. Nankervis has donated, a new tray of about 10 pieces will be offered at the PCA website on a bi-weekly basis.  Watch for announcements on all the major bulletin boards and mailing lists, and check back often to the website ( to see what’s being offered.


Pricing and Discounts for PCA Members


Prices are set on the basis of appraisals given to each item by knowledgeable and well-known pen collectors and dealers, who donated their time and expertise to the PCA to examine and set values to the collection.   The appraised prices are what PCA is asking for each item as sold to the general public.  However, PCA members in good standing are entitled to an automatic 10% discount off the appraised value.  In addition, any non-member who joins PCA with a one-year or three-year membership as part of the sales transaction (or any current member who extends his membership for at least a year) will receive both the 10% discount and $5 off the yearly membership dues.


Conditions and Terms of Sale


These items are being offered on an as-is basis.  The descriptions of each item are meant to be as thorough as possible with regard to overall condition and defects.  No guarantees are given on the functionality of any piece; PCA is not a pen repair enterprise—our goal is to bring these pens to the collecting public who would appreciate/use them, but buyers will need to arrange for restoration should it be necessary.  Nevertheless, if any pen’s filling mechanism does not appear to operate that will be noted in the description.


The shopping Cart is a convenient means for purchasing an item; when checking out, current or renewing PCA members may use the coupon code "PCA Member" in the appropriate box and your discount will be calculated automatically.


Shipping costs ($5.50) will be for US Postal Service Priority Mail delivery with confirmation to any USA address; international orders will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  If multiple purchases require a larger Flat-Rate Priority Mail box to ship, you will be notified and any extra charges can be handled then.


To inquire about an item, send an email to with the item number and name of the pen for identification purposes.   (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, so you will need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  PCA will respond as soon as it can to communicate with you on your questions.


You can use this email address to purchase a pen as well; we will advise on on availability, price/payment and shipment.  Payment via PayPal can be used with this email address, but checks are acceptable (shipment will occur when checks have cleared and the PCA Treasurer has notified the Pen Sales desk).


Renewing Members


If you are renewing your PCA membership at the same time, please note that this is a separate transaction, done via the link on the homepage.  Use the coupon code "pensale" upon checkout, and you will receive $5 off yearly dues, and use coupon code "pensale3" and you will receive $15 off a three year renewal.




Like other pen dealers, PCA wishes those who buy these pens to be happy with their purchase.  A pen may be returned for any reason within 7 days of purchase so long as the pen has not been altered or damaged. If the pen is being returned because of a defect not noted or because it is otherwise not as described, PCA will refund the full amount paid, including shipping costs in both directions. If the pen is being returned for some other reason, PCA will refund the purchase price but not the shipping costs.




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