PCA Mission

Our organization exists to foster and maintain the integrity of pen collecting, promote the use of fountain pens, encourage and promote effective education, communications and understanding between all collectors, and define pen collecting as an international hobby. Members are interested in the history, manufacture and use of writing instruments. We strive to develop a spirit of camaraderie among the pen collecting community.

© 2012 PCA. All rights reserved. The PCA does not authorize the use of its copyrighted logo on business cards or other materials intended to promote the business of a pen dealer or repairer, nor does the PCA endorse the merchandise or services of any person or pen-related business. PCA members may use the logo on their web sites to signify their membership, provided that the logo image is not altered , is accompanied by the word "Member",  and is linked to the PCA's own Web site. Click here to download PCA logo.

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