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2010 Membership Minutes

Meeting of the General Membership, Pen Collectors of America,

5 November 2010, at the Ohio Pen Show



Meeting called to order approximately 8:10 EST by President Joel Hamilton.


Minutes of Previous (2009) General Meeting

It was moved and seconded to approve the draft Minutes of the 2009 General Membership meeting.  The motion was approved.


Board Changes

Joel then introduced the continuing and outgoing PCA Board of Directors and Officers:


Lisa Anderson, continuing Vice President

Bill Hong, continuing Secretary

Vance Koven, continuing Counsel

Kim Sosin

Richard Binder (outgoing)

Deb Kinney (not present, outgoing)


and welcomed the elected new Directors:

Krysta Chauncey-Allen

Janet Wright

John Jenkins, also continuing as Treasurer


It was also moved, seconded and approved by the Membership to appoint Allan Quiat, continuing Volunteer Coordinator, as a new Board member to fill the remainder of the term of Aaron Svabik.


Terry Mawhorter

Joel recognized Terry’s contributions to the PCA and to the hobby as a whole over the years, and presented a plaque to Terry to make that appreciation official.  Terry responded how he enjoyed working with the Pennant staff, editors and the Board; everything he has done has been out of respect for the organization and its members.  Terry concluded by saying that he still looked forward to continuing his association with the organization.


The Rehkopfs

Past President and Pennant Editor Rick Propas introduced Tom and Dede Rehkopf in recognition of all their years of service to PCA as managing editors (among other positions) of the Pennant, showing a steady guiding hand through many Editors.  Special recognition placques and a cash remuneration were presented.  Tom thanked the membership and Editors for their support, noting that despite the hard work it has been fun for Dede and himself.




Pennant Status

To help ensure the health of the Pennant and the PCA, President Hamilton asked the membership to contribute more in the way of articles, and to help by serving as editors and photographers.  New Pennant Editor Paul Erano similarly asked for articles on any appropriate subject, and encouraged an expansion in scope of future articles submitted.


Volunteer Forms

Allan Quiat notified the membership that he has distributed volunteer interest forms, encouraging attending members to provide him lists of activities in which they can assist the PCA.  Pens for Kids, and the online Library are just two examples of areas where help is needed.


Pens for Kids

Allan continued by noting that PCA hopes to expand PfK’s scope beyond just pen shows, and there is a need for facilitators to do workshops in any educational setting.  He introduced a new regular publication feature, called Pennant for Kids.  A guide for workshop volunteers is available, and a DVD is in the planning stage.


Ralph Stillwell encouraged the membership to spread the word beyond just the pen show circuit.  He noted the value that handwriting and penmanship still play in our society, and the need to nurture a new generation—the demographics of this hobby are such that reinvigoration is absolutely essential for its long term health.


Other Business

Kim Sosin provided a brief update on membership numbers; we are now at 736.


Kim Svabik (then Executive Assistant) discussed possible plans for a future event with the Smithsonian’s Postal Museum.  Discussions are underway with the staff, who have briefed “Pens and the Post” events to contributors to the Museum’s upcoming remodeling.  There is a desire to do something in conjunction with next August’s DC Pen Supershow; details are TBD.  Kim recognized the help that others have contributed to these activities, and President Hamilton in turn thanked Kim for all her efforts, who has been recognized as the Advertising Manager for PCA.


The Nankervis Donation Collection

It was briefly mentioned that the PCA has plans to possibly auction some of the pens donated to PCA by Mr. Nankervis; this may be done in conjunction with existing show auctions, or possibly as a separate auction at shows that do not currently sponsor one.


This discussion prompted a comment by Howard Newman, who urged members to consider estate donations of their collections to PCA as a means of benefiting not only the organization, but the families of those members who might otherwise be burdened with collections disposal.




There being no other business, the General membership meeting was adjourned about 8:45 PM EST.


Respectfully submitted by Bill Hong

Outgoing PCA Recording Secretary


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