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The Pennant Author’s Submission Criteria



Who should submit: Non-PCA pen collecting authors are invited to join the PCA prior to submitting articles. Articles and interviews of non-members who have written a book or who have made other significant contributions to the hobby are occasionally included. Manufacturer’s articles relating to a current product are viewed as advertising and are treated accordingly.


What kind of articles are we looking for? The best article to write is on that topic that interests the author most and one that is compatible with the purpose of our organization. Most desirable are concrete, factual articles that impart information and varying points of view to our members. Articles dealing with the history of a particular manufacturer or model pen (vintage or modern), repair techniques, pen show reports, inkwells, ink, paper, pencils, nibs, writing techniques, and other articles of a “how to” nature are preferred to articles of an experiential nature. Original artwork, advertisements, and images of objects that have not been widely seen before add quality and interest to any article.


How long should an article be and other important points on content and quality: Articles may vary between 1,200 and 3,000 words, and can depart somewhat from these parameters. The “length parameter” applies to final author’s draft submitted to the editor. We ask the author to check his or her submission for grammatical and spelling errors, for factual accuracy, and to be sure that it is concisely written. The author must indicate if the material has appeared elsewhere, that he or she is solely responsible for its content, and that images and other accompanying material either belong to the author or that he or she has explicit permission to use it.  It will be the editor’s pleasure to assist with the development of the article once these criteria are met.


Articles should be written in Microsoft Word or a similar program and sent as an email attachment. Illustrations/photos should be saved and sent as a JPG attachment. Do not number pages or embed images in text. Please do not attempt any layout design. The PCA art director is responsible for page layout and design. Send images as separate attachments. Images should be at least 300 pixels. Font used should be readable rather than florid. A 12 font size is preferred. Single spaced documents are fine. The editor will contact the author if he cannot open attachments. Articles and images can also be sent via CD. Material will be formatted as necessary to fit the requirements of the magazine.


Images must have captions that explain or enhance the text to which they pertain. Images should be tagged, Figure 1, Figure, 2, etc.


Author must submit a JPG image of himself/herself and a brief biography. Refer to the “Contributors” section in the back of any issue of The Pennant. All queries and correspondence should be sent to the editor at editor@pencollectorsofamerica.com.


© 2008- 2018  PCA. All rights reserved. The PCA does not authorize the use of its copyrighted logo on business cards or other materials intended to promote the business of a pen dealer or repairer, nor does the PCA endorse the merchandise or services of any person or pen-related business. PCA members may use the logo on their web sites to signify their membership, provided that the logo image is not altered , is accompanied by the word "Member",  and is linked to the PCA's own Web site. Click here to download PCA logo.

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