Pens for Kids Program Presentation


The Pens for Kids Program (or PfK) is a presentation developed to create awareness for the need to continue cursive handwriting. It has been designed to be both age appropriate and entertaining while covering some basic themes about communication in the days of cavemen through the Egyptian dynasties, and with break-neck speed coming into the 19th and 20th century with examples of Victorian writing implements to the development of the modern fountain pen.


The presentation lasts for about 1-1/2 hours, and commands the attention of second and third grade learners.  Although most of the sessions are a small seminar size with lots of individual attention, as many as 250 have been present at one time in one place without any negative behavior.  Our presentation has been part of the Smithsonian Institute’s Postal Museum program and has been presented on TV.


Handouts consist of the Sue Bowen article for teachers, older magazines from Pennant, Stylus and Pen World, plus catalogues from various retailers.  In DC, Ralph Stillwell will be the presenter; his personal pens have been instrumental in the PfK show and tell format.  He also gives each child a pen, showing them how to fill and write with their pen. They then take the pen home with them as his gift.


The program usually ends with a fun card trick that gets everyone involved.  Good luck solving this one!



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