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PCA Policy and Member Agreement on Use of Online Library Materials

PCA Policy and Member Agreement on Use of Online Library Materials
The PCA has assembled a substantial and ever-growing library of pen-related reference material. In many cases, this material is rare or even unique. Preserving, organizing, and making these references accessible to collectors and researchers is an essential part of the PCA's educational mission.
Under USA copyright law, much of this material is classified as public domain. Although the PCA makes this part of the library freely accessible, readers accessing the library from outside of the USA are solely responsible for compliance with the copyright laws of their own countries. 
A printed work may be in the public domain, yet nowhere publicly available. Over the years, the PCA and its members have devoted substantial efforts to locating and gaining access to such material, digitizing it and making it available online to all. As a matter of common courtesy, those who publish or otherwise make use of material from the library are asked to include a mention of the PCA as its source. 
Some library material is either protected by copyright or is not clearly in the public domain. Access to this material is restricted to members. 
For member access to material still under copyright, it is the PCA's policy, which members must acknowledge and agree to when they access the library [for the first time from any particular IP address], that such material is for the exclusive personal use of PCA members. Except for short quoted excerpts, therefore, you agree that you will not without the express written consent of the PCA, copy these materials except to your own computers or similar devices, print more copies than you will use for your personal information and research, or distribute, email, upload, or otherwise disseminate them to, or where they may easily be accessed by, non-members. The PCA may suspend or terminate access to the library or, in case of repeated abuse, terminate the membership, of any person who, having accepted these terms, violates them or facilitates their violation by anyone else. A member will be responsible for the actions of anyone using the computer or device from which access to the PCA library is obtained.
To continue to the Library you must accept these terms.

I Accept The Terms and Conditions

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