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Pens for Kids

The PCA continues to sponsor Pens for Kids (PFK) workshops at several U.S. pen shows each year. PCA member Ralph Stillwell serves as master facilitator and content expert for the workshops.

The workshops are designed to engage the kids on their level, fostering an interest in pens and pen collecting in the next generation. The PFK workshops also stress the importance of handwriting and personal expression in communication. Each child is given a fountain pen to use during the workshop and then to take home.

The PFK workshop facilitation guide can be found at this link: Pens for Kids Facilitators Guide 

From PCA Board member Bill Hong:

The PCA is looking for a few good schools! Two high schools in each state, in fact. As an adjunct to the Pens for Kids program, PCA is gathering nominations to offer free subscriptions to the Pennant to two high schools in each state. The request with each subscription will be that the recipient schools make space for the Pennant on their shelves of current periodicals. We'll send them a sample copy of the Pennant along with a letter making the offer.
This pilot program is a way to bring to high school students more knowledge of the heritage of writing instruments and the importance of the handwritten word to our culture. We have nominations for a number of schools already in about half a dozen states, but can always use more. If you have a school you'd like to nominate, let us know its name and location, and if possible a point of contact (principal, or head librarian) whom the PCA may contact.



Passing on the Legacy
Pens for Children

How did Pens for Kids get started? Click here for more info.

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