PCA Board Election Nominees 2018

Each Board Member serves a three-year term. During that time, he or she serves on at least one and possibly more committees, and participates in monthly conference calls, which are supplemented by meetings at pen shows when possible. One meeting, usually directly after the DC Show, involves the annual Board retreat, which is a several-hour gathering to discuss larger strategic issues. This is not a "title-only" position. The current and former Boards have worked hard to establish and maintain key projects, including the evolving website, Pens for Kids, and the partnership with the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. We have several exciting things in the works.  We are looking forward to working with our new board members on these and also hearing their new ideas for our PCA!

Leaving the board, with our thanks for their service to PCA, are Ron Zorn and Jim Rouse.  Cliff Harrington is running for re-election.

George Rimakis